Airpark Home in Sandpoint, ID Airpark Home

All lots are now ready for sale! All land and site development work at SilverWing at Sandpoint has been completed with each lot having access to complete utility connections for water, sewer, gas, and electricity, with phone and cable service also available. All entryways, taxiways, tie-down areas and parking areas have been completed and paved. Each building pad is fully engineered, surveyed, compacted, rocked and ready for slab construction.

Once lots are purchased, owners can start construction immediately or SilverWing at Sandpoint can deliver to the owners a hangar and an unfinished residential loft space, ready for owner build out within 6-7 months from when the footings and foundations our poured and completed. Interior finishing is also available on the residential loft area for all our units.

Personal tours of the model, a 55 x 56 foot duplex (Units 6 and 7), which includes a fully furnished model home, are currently available at any time and can be scheduled by calling (866) 773-2366 or online.

Airpark Home