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Quest Aircraft Company is headquartered in Sandpoint and is one of the area's largest employers. Located adjacent to SilverWing, Quest has leased two of our hangars for additional office space and airplane showing and storage. Quest builds the KODIAK, a new single engine turboprop designed to meet the challenges of modern backcountry aviation.

Quest's mission is to design and build aircraft suitable for humanitarian applications throughout the world. The KODIAK's high useful-load makes it a very effective cargo aircraft, and its rugged construction allows it to get into and out of some of the world's most demanding environments. Every effort has been made with the design and production of the KODIAK to create an aircraft that outperforms and outlasts the competition - while selling for significantly less. Contributing to the KODIAK's outstanding backcountry performance is a discontinuous leading edge wing design and the popular Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34 turboprop engine. The PT6A has the world's best reputation for reliability and, combined with the KODIAK's rugged construction and outstanding handling characteristics, is helping to make Quest a significant new name in the aircraft industry.

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