Hanger Houses Airpark Community

On each exclusive lot, owners own the land and are allowed the flexibility to build a hangar plus residence, a traditional hangar, or just buy the land and decide later. We have no restrictions on holding the land; all we require is that once the construction has started that it be completed within 12 months.

Owners have the option of utilizing their own contractors to perform the construction or use SilverWing-approved vendors. If SilverWing-approved vendors are chosen, we will construct the hangar and residential shell under an open book pricing allowing owners to design and finish the interior to their own specifications. Alternatively, we can deliver a turnkey unit under the same open book pricing format completing all aspects of the building and furnishing. Traditional hangars can also be built under these parameters. If owners prefer to use their own contractors, building plans will need to be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to construction and then work can commence.

Please contact us to discuss further—or give us a call at (866) 773-2366 or send us an email.

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